Data intelligence for predictive maintenance
Palifer helps you decrease unplanned failures and increase schedule compliance by extracting insights from your existing data.
Optimize maintenance with existing data
Plan & schedule preventive maintenance
Decrease unplanned component failures
Palifer tells you how often individual components fail so you can plan for preventive maintenance and reduce unplanned failures. Say goodbye to reactive maintenance.
Optimize maintenance procedures
Increase schedule compliance
Palifer helps you assess and prioritize the most crucial maintenance procedures by evaluating the costs, incidence, and intervals of component failure. No more guesswork for increasing schedule compliance.
Ensure component quality
Find out component failure incidence
Palifer tells you how each component and their subcomponents fare with other components. You can benchmark component performance for OEM quality assurance or for process optimizations.
About Palifer →
Our team
Palifer is backed by Y Combinator and angel investors. Our team has experience working with machine learning in healthcare. We're bringing that expertise to railway technology. Together, we have more than ten peer reviewed research publications from the University of California, Berkeley on machine learning applications.