Data infrastructure for digitalized modern trains
Palifer builds the data collection and processing infrastructure for modernizing trains with machine learning.
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Paving the way for intelligent train systems
Prepare you trains for AI
Interface sensors to collect train data
Our tool allows for data collection from existing sensors. Data can be used for machine learning applications to improve scheduling, reduce downtimes, and ultimately increase capacity.
Building models
Increase capacity with artificial intelligence
Using train speed data from balises, we can accurately predict slowdowns to suggest schedule changes or additions to reduce delays.
Preventive maintenance
Find out problems before they occur
From data collected with sensors in existing infrastructure, we can build machine learning models that predict faults before they occur.
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Our team
Palifer is backed by Y Combinator and angel investors. Our team has experiences working with machine learning in healthcare. We're bringing that expertise to railway technology. Together, we have more than ten peer reviewed research publications from the University of California, Berkeley on machine learning applications.