About Palifer
Enabling predictive maintenance through AI and language processing
Human-generated data is messy.
People write in any way they want: in any format, grammar, or misspellings. For fellow humans, this data is easy to read. For computers, processing this data is almost impossible.
We standardize human generated data for computers.
Our mission is to create data that computers can read so you can automatically use the human generated data for your projects.
Morris Hsieh
Co-founder, CEO
I wear a lot of hats at Palifer. I previously studied medicine in college. Before that, I built a nuclear fusion reactor in my friend's garage. Co-authored 10 peer-reviewed research on disease prognosis prediction using AI with Emerson.
Emerson Hsieh
Co-founder, CTO
I'm a life long train enthusiast. I previously studied EECS at UC Berkeley, where I co-authored more than 10 research papers on prediction model building for diseases. I also hold a patent in machine learning for modelling colon cancer. My website.
Our investors
We're a young but well-funded startup based in the San Francisco Bay Area. We are backed by top-tier investors such as Y Combinator and other angel investors.